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What do we offer?

We host a variety of NFT / Token sales
We offer white-glove mint services for the Cardano community. You could create your own native asset on Cardano, and use that as payment for a NFT drop. We offer customizable faucets where you can distribute your tokens based on various schemes like random, fixed amount, percentage and others.

NFTs and/or tokens can be used as early access to a sale or access pass to participate in a NFT drop or used to grant discounts to holders - you could offer a price to the public and a different price based on if they held a specific policy or native token.

Air-drop services
We offer air-drop of NFT or tokens with a variety of options to help you accomplish your goals. You could distribute to holders of a policy ID from another NFT drop or to people who have staked with your stake pool for X number of epoch. We can help you drop native tokens or a NFT set. You might want to setup a claim system instead of paying up-front - we can offer a faucet where only claim is only allowed for holders of a policy - maybe based on how many assets that holder held.

Generative / Marketplaces
We offer the ability to generate your NFTs using the layers and a rarity spreadsheet - just tell us what you want and for a small fee we will do all the work of generation and metadata. To sweeten the deal we also offer a marketplace solution where you can sell new layers and have those old items be updated and new layers added or swapped out and the item regenerated on the fly.

Token burning / swap token process
We offer token burning if your policy is unlocked - we can offer a variety of solutions to upgrade an old token and swap it with a new one. You could place the cost burnden on the user and let them pay - you could pre-pay and let the user encounter no cost or you could decide to make a profit off the upgrade process and charge a small fee - the direct relationship we forge allows you to make it up as you go along and have us change things as you see the need. We do not charge for updates but let's keep it realistic and not expect me to update it too often :)

Mass updates to metadata
Do you want to offer some type of mass update - did your mint happen already but you realized something is wrong and need to update them all? Yeah we have done that a few times - clients have come to us with less than a few hours to go and we have updated their entire set before it locked. We love to jump in and be the rescue party when possible :)

Mass minting before policy locks?
If your policy is going to lock and you wish to mint everything remaining in your sale we can help you with that too, a few people have come to me with assets from another minter and asked to mint the remaining items.

Policy ID snapshots
We can quickly generate a snapshot of your policy ID and it will contain the stake key, asset name, address and policy for each asset in your collection.

Who are we?
A husband and wife team - operators of TAILS stake pool - learn more about us here.